Camille Prats and Anthony Linsangan Wedding

Church:  San Antonio
Reception: Shangri-la Makati
Photography: Dino Lara
Styling: Zenas Pineda
Couture: Rajo Laurel

Camille and Anthony from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

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  • KC Binay

    awesome…camille is so pretty, love the rajo laurel gown a not your ordinary wedding gown….and the shot when the groom is is watching and crying camille walking down the aisle then followed with a shot of Aga smiling…awwww…galing galing nice editing sir JAsong….congrats Team JMAg..

    Best wishes to Camille and Anthony..;)

  • maria theresa

    ganda ng video i was teary eyed while watching the video

  • Tina Smith

    Perfect moments Captured. "So Happy for you Mrs and Mr Linsangan";D

  • zsairra

    super uber nice wedding.. super like it.. congrats.. stay in love..

  • Lj

    camille is indeed pretty….

    nice wedding and nice video…


  • this one is nice not bromidic.

  • Jheng Porral

    AWESOME!!! from the start down till' the end, ang ganda ng bawat angle..breathtaking! i must consider this one when i get marrie.. :)

  • lhaineee

    i looove it!!got teary here..hope u have more pa..

  • tami vasquez

    nice video.. it was like a trailer for the wedding video itself! I felt the drama in it! very brilliant indeed :D

  • Yannie

    Aww, nakakaiyak!! What's the title of the song btw?

  • petite aanya

    hi nice vidz! wats the title of the song?

  • shei

    gosh….. nakakaiyak, i remeber my days too, eheheh.. nice video.. congratz to the couple..

  • maimai sunga

    galing naman ! *clap clap clap*

  • Jane

    This is really a hair-raising moment(i mean in a positive way ^_^)

    I hope you'll have a successful married life…Best wishes~

  • iza

    congratulations to both of you!

    tita iza

  • michelle morte

    awesome video!! what is the title of the song??

  • lorenz

    another brilliant creation jason! more celebs weddings to come! by the way, what's the title of the song? and the artist as well? thanks! more power!! :)

  • roger

    "just say" yes nicole scherzinger

  • Camille

    thank you for a very beautiful video!!! I cannot wait to see the longer version.:)

  • Guest_0123

    ang gwapo ni aga muhlach!

  • Maricris Oliveros

    This is great. I Love it! How I really hope that Mr. Magbanua will shoot my wedding on 2012.

  • Maricris Oliveros

    It is great.I LOVE IT! best wishes to you guys..

  • Ganda!

    And yes, ang gwapo ni Aga M. GrabE!

  • douglas Ferreira

    Por favor qual é o título da canção?

  • amz

    great wedding! i love camille ever since ang tv!

  • Camille San Diego

    i got goosebumps while watching captured the wonderful moments..aww.kainlove!so wonderful!

  • wow. quite an emotional scene when the bride entered the catheral and walked down the aisle. looks like a movie! love it! awesome awesome film :)

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