The Wedding of Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer

Viva la Boda!

Cheska and Doug SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

I’m sure it’s all over the blogosphere by now. – the wedding was utterly beautiful! All the elements were present, a fab gown, a stunning bride, a dashing groom, gorgeous guests, an emotion laden ceremony AND a kickass party!

And after 5 days and more than 7,000 views on Vimeo, I finally get the chance to thank everybody who watched the clip and posted comments.


Gown:  Puey Quinones
Makeup:  Juan Sarte
Wedding Planner: Chinkie Uy-Agregado
Photographer:  Chito Vecina
Music: Viva La Vida – Coldplay

  • wow that was beautiful jason!!! ur work is amazing!!! and the couple in this vid is beautiful.

  • lyn

    nice vid

    j i want to change your spam code thingie. parang naiirita ako for your visitors who cant tab at the text box…

    dont approve this comment nalang… its just one quick upload. just tell me nalang when.

  • WOW! its so beautiful !!! now I know why you didn't stay longer at re:frame! thank you for coming and sharing your work, time & friendship … from mexico, raquel.

  • wow jason! another great video. totally awesome.

  • iya

    wow! that's awesome! ang ganda talaga. very elegant yet simple.

  • Beng

    the video is superb!!! I keep on watching it!! =D

  • Cris

    Exquisite work, Marvelous talent. :)

  • Viva la J-Mag! That was awesome!

    Good times in New Orleans. See you in Austin.

  • your the superman po tlga sir jason..azzztigg…

    sir ano po ung title ng song?…

  • frannie

    Impressive work!

  • omg! its a job that is very well done! two thumbs up for you!…. you really deserve an award for this!….i cant wait for my big day too!….God Bless… Keep up the good work!? ? ?

    ? eden of cebu city ?

  • kat

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! like beng, i keep watchin this over and over!!! =D love your work!!!

  • Peach

    Congratulations Sir Jason!!!!

  • Peach

    You made cheska a lot more stunning on this video…. such a beautiful couple!

  • Steph Ticzon-Tuazon

    Hi Jason! I'm not sure if you remember me (& rey). Anyway, I just want to say na super-ganda ng video. ang ganda rin ng song. bagay na bagay. I've shared this video to my colleagues here in Singapore. They were speechless. Ang ganda-ganda daw ng videos mo.

  • aprille

    great work!!! beautiful and fabulous…

  • KC Binay

    Hi sir Jason…bravo…..i love you na…that was really amazing…..a must see tlga….very special…congrats…

  • VIVA la vida! great music to match a great wedding!

  • seattlegirl

    i love everything about this video.. i must have watched it the nnnth time….good job and more power jason..

  • Reez

    WOW! i really can't stop watching this video…and the song was perfect…i've shared it with family and friends and they were astonished…bravo! more, more, more…=D

  • paris

    wow nice video.anong title po nung song?

    • Cindy Cease

      Viva La Vida

  • lytblu

    viva la vida by coldplay

  • wowowowowowow!!! very nice video! moments were captured & very nice transition & angling. so lurve it! idol! *bow*

  • seattlegirl

    cant hv enough of d vid n d music.its n my system now.. job Jason..continue to inspire us…cant wait to have my own…

  • wow…. cheska bonga talaga ng gown m…at gwapo husband m ha….

  • Kia

    WOW!!!! that was amazing!=)

    can't wait for you to shoot our wedding next year..=)

  • OMG! nice! i keep on watching it:) amazing! chesca is so beautiful!

  • Christine

    This link was sent to me by a friend. I've never really been into but I've gotta say… I enjoyed watching your videos. Your work is fantastic! It's fresh and creative! I have been sending this link to my fellow Fil-Americans. Hopefully, if our plans push through and I can get my ass back to Manila in time…You can immortalize our union as well.

  • j. mag is my hero…

  • tin2238

    i love the video very much and the song it fits!…but my question is why that song…anyway as long as it is fabulous! great job!

  • Short but SWWeet!!!Bravo!

  • jerome joseph pacuba

    wow… jason nice one… i love your videos… your amazing and great i couldnt find a word lols… by the way i just wanna ask what is the title of that song.. tnx..

  • how beautiful couple

  • joan

    i love them as a couple. CUTE. :)

  • snoogie reynes_mata

    Wow I love this on site. I have watch this so many times and i am not tired of watching it over and over again….Hope to work with you soon. Almost na last feb but it was your second team who were here instead….Congrats…- snoogie of CEBU CITY

  • nice


  • dinah

    Fabulous gown with a beautiful bride. wow. How can i contact Puey Quinones?

  • Very elegant and pretty! I guess, every wedding, brides can be very special.

  • Cindy Cease

    I've watched this video for more than 10 times already. Now, I'm watching it again. Awesome!