The Wedding of Tania Creighton and James Blanco

Ok now, I can truly say that I’ve been there and I’ve done that.

We left a good hour and a half before the bride did from Vivere Suites like we always do. We proceeded to set up at Saint James and managed to get very pretty establishing shots. Then my lead videographer (who we left at the Hotel), gives me a shocking text asking where we were. It took all of two seconds to realize that we were in the wrong church.

Dumb dumb dumb. All the signs were there. Airconditioning was off. Not one guest around. And in hindsight, there is no 6pm wedding in Saint James.

We packed up and drove like the wind, heading to Fernbrook Garden where the ceremony was really going to be held. We arrived and set up in the nick of time. I don’t know if I just got confused with the Groom’s name and the church venue but anyhoo, lesson learned.

They were one beautiful couple (and beautiful sons too). James was as handsome as ever (my wife says) and Tania was simply stunning ( I say) with or without makeup.

james.jpg tania.jpg

PS: I was all giddy with a schoolboy crush over (Ninang) Amy Austria who looked hot as ever. I am now digging up my old VHS copy of Cover Girls.

Watch the Onsite Video.

  • Joy

    OMG! Like whoaaaaa! I sit here in awe of how indescribable you capture precious moments such as this. Rock on Jason!

  • WOW… The butterfly is wonderful…!!! how did you for have this moment, this take, this escene, this wonder.

    Im very excited whit your videos… eache video that i see is fantastic…

    You are the better videographer of the best moment, best take, best details.

    WOW!!! thanks for share your work, your videos, your moments, your videography

  • Mabel

    have been a huge fan for quite some time now…especially love the songs, u guys have kick-ass taste in music…and the editing…wow!!! the shot here with the bride when the door opened then the groom smiling is classic. the emotion you captured brought tears to my eyes and i don't even know the couple…can't wait for the next video!

  • This is another awesome Jason Magbanua video! James and Tania are truly a wonderful couple inside and out. They have waited long to have their dream wedding away from showbiz spotlight. Guess, we've managed to do that. The emotions of this day were sincere and heartfelt, no camera tricks…and thanks to you for capturing the beauty of this day! Till the next wedding Jason! More power to you!!

  • Jason

    This video was carried by the couple all the way. :)

    Thanks for watching!

    and thanks Nona for keeping everything as smooth as silk. :)

  • maureen cantada

    galing on-site! question: was that a real butterfly you used? how did you do it!!!

  • mharz23

    grabe ka tlga sir j.nw ko plng kc nkita ung wed n n93 lng gamit first glnce, i cnt belive it jst a n93 cp…hoooooowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….tindi mo tlga idol…plan ko sna gyahin un kc n6600 lng ung cp d2..hahahha..

  • Jason

    Maureen. Yup it's a real honest to goodness living creature :)

  • ailyn deloso

    wedding video has really gone a looong way… this would really define the once in a lifetime memories the couple will share with their kids for generations to come. i just wished you guys were in business when i got married… want to congratulate tania and james… chiqui, emailed me this site.

    do you offer your services here in california?

  • ysabel

    very nice as always! the bride is so pretty..and tama ka, ang hot ni amy austria! haha! jason im so happy we booked u already through my i can proudly say i will be a JASON MAGBANUA bride!!! i'll meet you really soon! =)

  • josan

    very nice video, im hoping and praying you guys will still be around when i get married in a few years time because im definitely getting you guys for my wedding! my fiance has been raving about your work and is an avid fan. by the way, i live near the alabang area but i have no idea where this church/venue is at, it sure looks beautiful! where is it at?

  • Joy

    hi jason! the butterfly shot was soooooooo amazing! very capturing!…. looking forward to book you on my wedding ;)

    cheers to you jason! :)

  • kristin

    may i please know the title of the song being played on the james-tania wedding video. thank you and more power. :)

  • mad fan

    i saw the video clips on a tv show just today, looking at the shots, i thought to myself, this must be a jason magbanua video.. and i was right! rock on sir jason! you're the best!

  • Lorie :D

    OH MY! :D it was a very NICE SHOT! so far,… i'll be expecting more on this.. like they say, i like the butterfly effects, the focuse on the groom and bride's face.. it's awesome!.. 5 stars for this.. great job!.. Congrats and cheers to James and Tania!

  • Jason

    For the record, ginamit na namn ng ABS footage ko without acknowledgment. Same story with the Barretto wedding. These guys are lame-Os!

    Wala lang, rant lang.

    And guys, believe me, the Buzz aside, this couple is the most down to earth and friendly you will ever get to meet. Beautiful inside and out.

  • stephanie

    hi! i just saw the video and it's awesome! oh so fab! kinilig and kinilabutan ako! sorry for the late reaction here, i'm just amazed on how you do your videos! i see the passion in every motion, random! hehehe.. sorry if i reacted this way, im still a student po and im interested with these things! :) excited for the upcoming videos.. :))

  • marvin

    grabe galing tlga sir j..oi grabe nmn yan gnamit lng bsta2 ng ABS ang fotge mo po sir mo po yan dba po sir…?..but anyway cgor they just admire ur shots sir j..heheheh..sir ano po ung title ng song n gnamit mo d2..?..tagal ko n kc nrinig yan but di ko lng maalala..

    Sir idol po tlga kta…MOre power sir Jason..

    i am marvin barbarona 20 yrs old..studying and want to learn more on videography po…

  • menchie

    very nice!! still can't believe the butterflies… very exquisite! i love your work.. well done!

  • jbudz

    normally i dont do comments n videos…but cant help it. I have been watching your creations… And they're superb!!! If Only I can Afford it… :( I 'll get married next month I hope and I hope good capture can be done as yours. more power If I can only get married twice pare, or If I've watched this when I was in High School baka napag ipunan kopa. 7 yrs in relationship pero nagyon ko lang nkita mga capture mo. sisisi ako. more power dude and more concepts.

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  • Nix

    Wooowww, stunning work :'D I don't know you and I just found out about the couple but I feel so much admiration towards your work 8D The way you captured the moments, like the part where the groom looked like he was about cry, was really touching. Now I really wish I would have a wedding like this too~ I'm still young and have many years to go before getting married but when I finally do, I hope you're still there xD

  • jovan luciano

    sir san na po ba video ni james blanco at tania..pwede po ba makahingi ng link. slamat./.

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